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February 28, 2013

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Cons, Shows, Events


By Tom Spurgeon

* ECCC is closing in. Hope to see you there. Basically my only advice for ECCC boils down to 1) work the comics room, because the strength is in the number and quality of comics pros exhibiting in the main funnybook hall there, 2) do a little research on Seattle and find things to do like have dinner in a nice restaurant or do some shopping in one of the fine downtown boutiques or watch them toss fish around or perhaps start a heroin habit (first taste is usually free). See you over there.

* by the way, I was in three Seattle comics shops yesterday and all three took more than five phone calls from people asking after tickets, which are very, very scarce and limited. So it's officially a thing.

* MoCCA Festival has announced a festival prize of sorts, with an all-star jury. I encourage everyone exhibiting to engage Gary Groth in long conversations about sports. Actually, I'm probably going to write about this again next week. This looks like the kind of thing where people are going to have major problems with it; I just can't immediately suss out exactly what those are. We have a lot of damn awards right now.

* I'm going to do a stand-alone piece on this tomorrow but in case today is better for you to go do this: Eisner Hall Of Fame voting ends on Monday. You should vote here. Russ Manning nominees are also be accepted. I encourage people to vote for everything where they're eligible to vote and to submit for everything that they're eligible to receive.

* the MSU Comics Forum event begins today. Nick Bertozzi is on-hand. Man, when comics people first got on-line it was various chat rooms, Usenet and that MSU comics index.

* Art Spiegelman went to Vancouver and David Lester took notes.

* finally, here's a nice report on John Cuneo's work as recently exhibited.
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