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March 28, 2013

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Cons, Shows, Events


By Tom Spurgeon

* it's all about WonderCon. WonderCon, WonderCon, WonderCon. If you're a small-press person you may be thinking about MoCCA or FLUKE, but for the bulk of the traditional comics world, it's all about Anaheim for the next four to five days. I think that's a good place for that show long-term, I really do, and it's a place at a time of the year I'd be interested in seeing them develop. People sometimes run down Anaheim, but I was in Seattle several weeks ago and I swear that convention could have taken place in Anderson, Indiana, for as much as most of the professionals in attendance left the convention center and immediate-area hotels. I'm not sure about everything that's going to be there, but I know that Jeff Smith is making the trip and will be showing off full-color pages from RASL.

image* the second iteration of the The Projects show has announced for August 23. This is the teaser poster. August/September in the Pacific Northwest is beautiful.

* the other talked-about show of the weekend is the Asbury Park Comic Con, which is quickly becoming a model show for quirky, small comics shows run by folks more for love of having such an event than dreams of Comic-Con cash down the road. I'd love to see that one someday, and if anyone sees CR pal Gil Roth down that way this weekend, please be nice to him.

* speaking of which, this FLUKE poster is super-pretty. It's stick it at the bottom of this post pretty.

* I also liked this Portland Zine Symposium poster.

* here's a Mega-Con report. That mainstream-focused show is extremely well-liked by its regular professional attendees, although it's never quite captured the imagination of a bunch of people the way that some of the other long-running regional cons have. At least not to my mind. I've read people say that the Orland-based show suffers a bit from neglect by the comics press. I don't know if that's true or not, but I think these things catch on and ride waves independent of the comics commentariat. Sounds like a nice show, anyway, and if I lived nearby I'm sure I'd be hugely grateful for its existence. Just as a comics fan I'm pretty grateful.

* The Beat caught word of the formation of a convention for Long Island. I would think Long Island could use its own convention, sure. We are going to see a ton of conventions announced in the next 24 months, as people try this out. I hope that the good ones survive, and that the bad ones crumble without hurting anyone.

* Pat Oliphant will be honored at this year's AAEC convention. It sure was fun to sit in the audience with Richard Thompson and watch Oliphant draw in charcoal a couple of San Diego Cons ago.

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