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April 11, 2013

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Cons, Shows, Events


By Tom Spurgeon

* this weekend it's SPACE in Columbus, Ohio -- American's next great comics city.

* here's a round-up of news from that Fables-Con event a couple of weeks ago. I'm intrigued by the thought of specific-property conventions and specific-creator conventions.

* here's a Dundee Comics Expo report.

* I missed this from a while back: the writer Brian Bendis on a then-recent store signing. I'm all for store signings.

* in case you missed it a while back and in case I forgot to put it into a Random News between its appearance and this column, the second wave of guests announced for that Minneapolis show Autoptic is pretty great. Minneapolis is one of our fine comics cities and one of the regional arts centers to reckon with more generally, and it should have a cool show every damn year. The number of shows one can attend in a calendar year, by the way, is becoming ridiculous, particularly if you love the superheroes and the alt-comics with some degree of fervor.

* I nearly missed this Chris Pitzer photo gallery from the Asbury Park show.

* I never linked to this cartoon from back in the early days of the "frustration with SPX over the exhibitor sign-up" thing. I think everyone understands and has great sympathy for how aggravating that kind of thing can be.

* finally, here's a festival in Poland I've never heard of -- or I've heard of and then forgotten. It would be a wonderful thing to attend a comics show in Poland, I think, although depending on the festival maybe the charms of that would be lost on all but a few of us.
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