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May 3, 2012

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Cons, Shows, Events


By Tom Spurgeon

* TCAF, TCAF, TCAF! Great city, great people, great show. If you're going, try to enjoy all three of those things.

* some folks feel the closest thing the U.S. has to TCAF is The Brooklyn Comics And Graphics Festival. They recently announced 2012 dates, which were a month earlier than the show was held in its first few years -- it moved from early December to early November. Enough of you have asked about that dates move I followed up with organizer Dan Nadel and Bill Kartalopoulos. Nadel told CR, "We moved to November for two reasons: First, we are a multi-venue festival so it's nice to try and avoid snow if possible. And second, the last three BCGFs have all fallen on the same weekend as the Miami art fairs. That's been difficult for me, personally, as I needed to also be in Miami and couldn't go, and in 2012 I'll absolutely have to go. Additionally, all our friends at galleries were out of town, which made doing gallery-based events or exhibitions difficult. Finally, those same friends, and tons of artists, couldn't attend in previous years. We couldn't move before because until 2011 the New York Art Book Fair was around the second or first weekend of November, and we didn't want to move closer to the holidays in either direction. This past year The NYABF suddenly moved to October and so November was finally open." Added Kartalopoulos, "It should be a nice fall weekend in Brooklyn for exhibitors and attendees alike." I agree. I like that show.

* if you're not going to either, could I interest you in the BD & Comics Passion show?

* SLG has announced the first annual San Jose Comics Festival. That's an outdoor show, and I'm trying to think of an equivalent. Is Lucca partly outdoors?

* someone asks if Comic-Con could expand to a second weekend. I don't think that's possible with the current set-up; there are a lot of commercial factors involved. It's good to question fundamental conceptions of a show like that, though.

* MorrisonCon announces its initial line-up of guests. Good to see they got Grant Morrison.

* finally, the Oslo Comics Expo has announced a ridiculously rich list of guests for its June show: Joost Swarte, Seth and Chris Ware among them.
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