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June 20, 2013

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Cons, Shows, Events


By Tom Spurgeon

* there's not a ton of convention/festival type stuff on the horizon, so the bulk of eyes and orientations are now refocusing and settling in on Comic-Con. That doesn't mean there isn't a ton of stuff between now and then, but that's what the majority of the comics "room" will be thinking on.

* if you're going to Comic-Con, and even if you're not, I would suggest following the Toucan blog that they run from now until show, and maybe just period. I know I'm going to mainstream its coverage into my linkblogging here. I'm way behind. I have a couple of pieces in there somewhere, although I'm too mortified by my own work to go look.

* like I said, there are a number of events, particularly this weekend: a show in San Antonio, a show in Albuquerque, a cool-sound little festival in East London and a fairly important one: the Kids Read/Teens Read event in Ann Arbor. I am a great fan of specialty shows in places like Ann Arbor.

* the Locust Moon Festival has announced its 2013 date: October 5.

* there's a bunch of comics-related stuff at the Edinburgh Book Festival this year. I will try to figure out individual listings. I am mostly baffled by that one and by the rolling Comica events -- I never know what the hell is going on with either. I'll try to do better.

* finally, here's a great, necessary list from Zack Soto on indy-friendly conventions and festivals for the calendar year 2013. I'm going to use it, and then I'm going to make one for CR.
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