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July 25, 2013

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Cons, Shows, Events


By Tom Spurgeon

* the Portland-based The Projects has programming up and a reminder about their Kickstarter. I'll try to focus on the latter part of that in its own post, but hopefully you'll check it up out from here.

* I was trying to figure out where mainstream comics pivots after San Diego, and I guess it's a combination of the Wizard event in Chicago, the Baltimore show and New York Comic-Con -- it depends on your orientation. I would love to do the Baltimore show at some point; that's kind of the third leg in the Fun Regional Shows pyramid right now. Update: more than a few of you said I swung and whiffed on this because I forgot Fan Expo Canada. That is indeed a very big show.

* got this mass-mailed note from the Manchester comic convention people.
Apologies for the mass mail-out, but just thought you might be interested in the attendance figures for Saturday's MCM Manchester Comic Con, which saw a record high of 19,340 visitors. This compares to c.11,300 at last year's Manchester show, which was itself a record figure. Last weekend's show also achieved a significant boost in advance ticket sales - a massive 138% higher than in 2012.

Due to the soaring popularity of the MCM Manchester Comic Con, next year's event will be extended to two days: 26-27 July.
The numbers that conventions are getting these days are pretty amazing.

* so I guess there may be a MorrisonCon 2? I like the idea of both high-end conventions and personally branded shows, so I want this to happen even though I can't imagine attending given all the other shows I need to see.

* finally: Autoptic, Autoptic, Autoptic.
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