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August 9, 2012

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Cons, Shows, Events


By Tom Spurgeon

* TCAF is now accepting exhibitor applications. That is a very important show.

* speaking of TCAF, this is cool: they're exhibiting in Tokyo in November in partnership with D+Q and Koyama Press and offering their space to any cartoonist that's exhibited at a past TCAF that can get themselves to the show.

* Alan Moore, who famously doesn't go to conventions, is going to a convention.

* this SPX response to a question about artists re-using work crushes the anonymous questioner pretty badly. Also, Jaime Hernandez is apparently doing the badges this year. Hooray! I picked a good year to go.

* and speaking of SPX now, they announced Michael DeForge, Dean Haspiel and Sammy Harkham as guests earlier today.

* GeekGirlCon is this weekend.

* here's a profile of a new Bill Mauldin WWII-era exhibit.

* is this the best site ever related to any comics show? I think it may be.

* it's probably time if you're a fan of Baltimore Comic-Con to be checking that site's news page on a regular basis.

* a really late Comic-Con report from a 20-year veteran who won't be going anymore but isn't bitter about it. I like its focused attention on Comic-Con as a place to buy stuff.

* I like the idea of a show focused primarily on something other than commerce to mention the Kickstarter for Portland's The Projects here.

* finally, Chicago Comic Con Wizard World is this weekend as well. In fact, that one starts/started today. That is still Wizard's big show, and does very well, although the time when that one is perceived as the nation's #2 show is gone, I think. Way gone. In fact, I've heard no buzz about that show. Literally none. I guess maybe I received a press release or two -- I think the various Star Trek TV people are doing more shows like this one. One of those reality-show clowns apparently won't be there and somehow that was news on some sites. I hear more about several of the regional shows, which is astonishing to me. I still feel CCCWW is ensconced in that world of "something we do in Chicago during the summer" that I imagine it will be a long time before that one bleeds away, and in fact, there's enough people there and enough of an energy it could thrive. Not to get all Don King about it, but if people sell, a show will do well.
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