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August 22, 2013

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Cons, Shows, Events

By Tom Spurgeon

* this Secret Acres report from Autoptic is the best of the show I've seen thus far, and even when John Porcellino posts his and makes everyone cry will probably remain the most useful for its blend of positive and negative comments. It's really hard to find someone that will be critical on the record in one of these con reports, so god bless this report.

image* the Malta Comic Con announces its first guest: Ian Churchill. I think that's the only show right now of any heft that has a presence in December, if only for one day. December strikes me as a fun time to go to a comics show, but not a fun time to exhibit at one, plus comics people could use the break.

* the sneakiest of all the really big and important show gets underway today. Toronto's Fan Expo is really the August show now for mainstream comics, or at least that's what folks in that world tell me; it's also a show that a lot of mainstream North American comic book creators do as their late summer show.

* Florida Supercon has announced for early July, and has a smattering of location and initial guest announcements as well. That is an ambitious, four-day show.

* here's a short post spotlighting the growth of convention in India, over at The Beat.

* here's the Locust Moon Festival guest list. That's a good list. That's another sign that conventions are very popular right now, that existing shows just kind of improve year to year just in terms of who goes where.

* here's a forthcoming event for which a call for submissions has gone out.

* we are a convention nation.

* finally, I haven't taken the closest look at the 2014 cons and festivals calendar, but it looks like there will be a brutal stretch of shows from the last weekend in March (Emerald City) to Mother's Day weekend in early May (TCAF). You already have ECCC, TCAF, SPACE, C2E2, Stumptown, Awesome Con and one of the Asbury Park shows in that window. You're likely to see MoCCA and WonderCon settle in there somewhere, too. Fumetto is in there, too. I could easily go to 20 shows now and find things to do at each one; I could do two or maybe three a dozen years ago. Amazing.
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