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September 26, 2013

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Cons, Shows, Events


By Tom Spurgeon

* I've got MIX fever and you can't stop me. I'll be around all weekend, hope you can make the interview with Jeff Smith if you're in the area.

* so someone wrote me the other day and asked after cons next year. This was the list I sent back. It's nowhere near complete, but it gives you an idea of how stuffed the years are now.

+ Angouleme, January 30-February 2
+ Emerald City Comic-Con, March 28-30
+ Stumptown Comics Fest, April 12-13
+ SPACE, April 12-13
+ C2E2, April 25-27
+ MoCCA Festival, likely in April, Maybe Early April
+ Wonder Con, likely in April, Maybe Late April
+ TCAF, May 9-11
+ MeCAF, May 18
+ VANCAF, May 24-25
+ CAKE, May 31-June 1
+ Denver Comic Con, June 13-15
+ HeroesCon, June 20-22
+ Comic-Con International, July 23-27
+ Baltimore Comic-Con, September 5-7
+ SPX, September 13-14
+ New York Comic-Con, Likely October
+ APE, Likely October
+ Comic Arts Brooklyn, Perhaps November

This leaves off a bunch of stuff like Short Run, the Kids Read Comics show, the growing Arizona-based shows, things like the AAEC convention and the Reubens weekend and so on. Incredible.

* missed this discussion from June over at the AV Club about television conventions and how Comic-Con may or may not be informative for that kind of thing. It's fun to see people talk about different cons that seek to do the same thing as comics shows because it's informative to have that convention experience boiled down that way.

* this strikes me as nakedly opportunistic but also potentially really, really smart.

* finally, this Nina Bunjevac report from Raptus makes it look like the coolest festival ever.
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