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November 21, 2013

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Cons, Shows, Events


By Tom Spurgeon

* just because CAB and Billy Ireland are in the rearview mirror and a lot of folks are shutting it down for the year doesn't mean there aren't a smattering of North American shows vitally and crucially important to those organizers, exhibitor and attendees. Short Run and Genghis Con are closing in, and those are key regional affairs. Short Run means Seattle, and has grown in prominence in recent years: the combination of the city and cartooning community have led to at least a few people I know flying in, which you usually don't get at a show that size. One young cartoonist recently told me her best show ever was last year's Genghis Con, which draws on the cartooning-rich Cleveland/Pittsburgh region with potential deep pulls audience-wise from Ohio, western New York and the muscle-bound parts of Pennsylvania. I'm actually for holiday-weekend shows, incidentally, although I'm not able to attend them: you get a good crowd looking for things to do, and comics people are usually unattached in a way that a significant percentage can do the occasional visit/con weekend.

* more importantly for this week, though, we get Thought Bubble, a major international small-press show and one that nearly every single person I know in that world would attend if that were possible. That's a two-day comic-con wrapped in a larger festival. The British scene continues its impressive surge, and I would imagine there are interesting comics to buy every 36 inches of table space at that show.

* concerning shows of a different type, Danny Fingeroth would like you to know what's going on with the programming he's doing for the Austin, Texas WizardWorld show.

* finally, if you ever needed more convincing that the Brooklyn comics shows are consistently in the top three North American shows in terms of things to buy, check out Chris Mautner's report here. That John Pham book was out of left field and totally made my monthy. It's a good book, too!
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