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July 4, 2013

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Cons, Shows, Events


By Tom Spurgeon

* there are a few comics-related events this weekend, including Anime Expo in Los Angeles and a more standard comics convention in Florida, by which I mean a whole bunch of stuff loosely organized around the theme of comics. I'm always glad for that, actually; there's something very old-fashioned about events lining up for holiday weekends.

* Justin Giampaoli has put together a food guide for San Diego with Comic-Con International in mind. I will use one or two of these suggestions myself.

* Gary Tyrell provides more of his superior webcomics coverage by going through the exhibitor map at Comic-Con International and pointing out where all the on-line focused creators are set up. That's kind of awesome. And it's also remarkable just how big a presence that particular world of comic has at Comic-Con now.

* the shuttle bus schedule for Comic-Con is up. I don't always ride on those things, but they're very useful when you're exhausted, lost or in a place too far away to walk. I've never had a problem on one.

* speaking of transportation issues, Marc Mason sent along this note about the trolley system:
I was in San Diego this past weekend, and the good news is that the trolley upgrades have gone well. The bad news is that a couple of the trolley lines have shrunk.

The Orange line now stops at America Plaza, no longer curving around past the Convention Center and to the Gaslamp. The Blue line also now stops at America Plaza and doesn't continue north to Old Town.

I am guessing they may add a special trolley or two for the con, but for those who are used to taking the Orange and Blue lines, they are in for a shock.
So if you count on the trolley while in San Diego for Comic-Con International, you might want to double-check a map, and/or go to this updated information page on the Comic-Con site.

* hey, it's an ELCAF report. And here's another one.

* finally, I assume there will be more SPX posters than the one below before it's all over -- I'm guessing, anyway -- so lets look at them as they come out. That show is like... 10 weeks away, maybe?

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