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February 16, 2011

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: News On Cons, Shows, Events

imageBy Tom Spurgeon

* another great get for TCAF: Usamaru Furuya, in support of Vertical's English-language release of Lychee Light Club. TCAF organizer Chris Butcher profiles the Genkaku Picasso author here. That's shaping up to be another excellent show, and I'm glad I'm all ticketed and pre-paid hotel roomed up.

* Comic-Con International has named its latest round of show guests: Joyce Brabner, Peter Kuper, Paul Levitz, Jerry Robinson, Jeff Smith, J. Michael Straczynski, Peter J. Tomasi, Ashley Wood.

* you can go here for a PDF discussing the key exhibitors on C2E2's floor. That's going to be an interesting convention, because a lot of what they've needed to do this year is about building a structure that attracts regional fans as opposed to throwing famous and semi-people on top of the show's special guest list until they reach some sort of pop-relevant critical mass. I don't think we'll know how successful that show is going to be until it happens, in other words -- it's the convention itself that's going to have to attract people this year, not the novelty of such a show or the break it represent with Wizard's summer show. I imagine it will also help if the show develops a bit of an identity, at least in industry terms.

* the Emerald City Comicon home page seems reasonably active and stuffed with various travel-related bargain opportunities. The MoCCA Festival is a month or more further away, but its site seem particularly devoid of news. The TCAF site is for a show to be held a few weeks after MoCCA, but seems to be pretty active -- I did not know Jim Rugg had canceled.

* I missed this one last week, but Stumptown Comics Fest named its first comics award jury: Mike Allred, Brandon Graham, Laura Hudson, Michael Ring, Jason Leivian. Information on how to be considered for an award is available through that same link.

* finally, and more recently, Stumptown revealed their 2011 poster, by Brandon Graham.

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