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March 13, 2014

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Shows And Events


By Tom Spurgeon

* this weekend it's a sizable show in Kansas City, and a traditional 'zine show in Chicago. Among ]. I'm starting to see folks gear up big-time for their first Spring shows, like Emerald City and LineworkNW and SPACE and MoCCA, particularly the first and last on that list. Fumetto and PIX and MegaCon are all in the next few weeks, too.

* in case you missed it, here is the art from special guest Fiona Staples that SOI/MoCCA will be using to promote and support next month's MoCCA Festival. Staples was a really smart choice for them, I think.

* a show called Project Comic Con in St. Louis, tentatively schedule for mid-September, has been cancelled. It hadn't made my list of forthcoming shows yet, so I don't know a thing about it.

* creators are starting to post their individual convention plans for the Spring season. For instance, here's Shaenon Garrity with what she has planned for Emerald City. If you're going to a show, and in particular if you're going to a show to meet specific people, you might start checking out individual sites if you aren't already.

* finally, you should double-check on your passport if you're heading overseas for any of the Spring events.
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