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March 14, 2019

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Shows And Events


By Tom Spurgeon

* the writer Bill Schelly writes about his great weekend at San Diego Comics Fest. It's a good reminder that some shows are better for some people than other shows are. It makes sense that a show where people might have grown up reading comics from Jim Warren are a good place to sell Schelly's anticipate biography. It sounds simple, but a lot of individual con criticism doesn't take into account this matching aspect.

* ReedPOP acquires Supercon.

* Jen Bartel will offer two artists mentorship advice in conjunction with the 2019 FlameCon. Looking at twitter suggests there was a bumpy road for some folks in applying to this year's iteration of the surging, super-popular show. I'm still sorting out what people are saying, but it's so difficult to run a show in which so many people have a passionate interest I'd be surprised if no one had a different take on how things are being done. I'm sure there will be a thorough discussion of these matters, and hope everyone gets a great deal of what they want.

* finally: celebrity friends of the court weigh in on one of the matters facing Salt Lake City vs. San Diego cons. Where this all eventually ends up in terms of its relationship to what laws exist I figure will unfold at its own pace and according to factors that fail to encompass the entirety of my own opinions on the matter. I do think that whether or not it's convincing to the court in the final analysis, shows have in this modern explosion of such events consistently evoked a meaning of the phrase that is specific to San Diego's version of the concept. I mean, I'm sure there were toga parties before Animal House but I never went to one that wasn't referring to that film's specific take on the concept.
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