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April 17, 2014

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Shows And Events


By Tom Spurgeon

* it's all WonderCon right now for most of the comics people I know. Everyone else I know that won't be sleeping in their own beds this weekend will be at FLUKE. There is a sizable show in DC and an already-massive event in SLC this weekend, too, although I haven't heard a ton from people attending either one of those shows. I'm sure they will be well-stocked with comics folks. All of those regions should ably support the type of show they're hosting.

image* in fact, this weekend will be interesting just for the sheer number of name events it's hosting. That's just incredible. And these shows have audiences; they're not dependent on a traveling crew of hardcore fans. I say this about once a week, but I can't stop: the rise of conventions is freaking amazing when you think that 15 years ago there were two, maybe three shows that folks considered attending, with the third one being different according to region. But I bet people will turn out. People just like conventions now.

* it's also worth noting that with WonderCon weekend being the traditional start of the convention calendar year I am already hearing from people that the year has felt like a long one in terms of shows and festivals. I do think we may see people begin to burn out a bit on going to a lot of shows year after year after year.

* there are still Friday and Sunday WonderCon badges available.

* there will be a comics convention in Hyderabad in October. That is a massive city in kind of south-central India.

* this notebook from Linework NW is one of the cuter exhibitor gifts I've seen a show do. I think those things are great, when festivals and cons do things for their staff, volunteers and exhibitors like that.

* here's a link to all the special events at the forthcoming Ting Festival.

* Megan Byrd covers a Noelle Stevenson signing in Chicago.

* finally, here's a report from a small convention -- 600 attendees -- in Camden, New Jersey. Hyper-local cons are the wave of the future.
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