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April 20, 2017

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Shows And Events


By Tom Spurgeon

* we've reached the other side of a really intense period of shows. I think what I've noticed just kind of standing at the outskirts and observing is that comics professional are becoming pickier and pickier about what shows they'll do under what conditions. This isn't a new thing, but a continuation. If you can be a special guest at Show X, it becomes much easier to take a pass on being an exhibiting guest at Show Y. I think over the next few years the competition should intensify as a lot of these newer shows, some with a lot of resources, see how their audiences are develop at what that audience will sustain.

* they have shows in Alaska now.

* looks like Silicon Valley Comic Con is going to take a stab at including a lot more tech and science elements into their show. That makes total sense. It is deeply weird that we're getting to the point where comic-cons are the basis for reintroducing what used to be standard-subject trade shows into a lot of communities. Wizard's kind of attempted this with YouTube culture at a couple of their shows. It's an easy way to brand, but I would imagine a challenge to sustain.

* here are some suggestions for making better con panels. Most of them are common-sense, but that means most of them are pretty solid. I've never felt comfortable doing them, to be honest, so I'm always happy for advice.

* finally, with WonderCon out of the way, I'd say we're going to start seeing a lot of Comic-Con related or friendly articles pop up at the CCI blog. Those are usually pretty reliable engage-with-the-wider-public pieces, and I'm not sure any other show except probably TCAF does something in that spirit.
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