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May 1, 2014

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Shows And Events


By Tom Spurgeon

* Free Comic Book Day is this weekend, which is definitely an event and is sort of like a comics show with a realy long walk between satellite locations. If you've never participated, J. Chris Campbell would like to convince you to give it a go. I love comics shops, and while they aren't the entirety of comics and it's damaging to see them that way, they are a key to so many great things about comics as an industry and art form and as independent retail in North America declines they are cultural heroes just sort of generally. I'd recommend some of the FCBD over others, but somehow that seems to work against the spirit of the day. Get what you like. Get what you're curious about reading. And buy something else while you're there, if you can afford to. Take a kid, if you know one.

* next to FCBD, I would say that the British Library's big and potentially super-interesting Comics Unmasked exhibit opening would be the big event of the weekend, as opposed to any one convention, but I'm a giant snob.

* there are shows this weekend. There's a Wizard show in Minnesota, I'm not sure I'd go to that but if I did I would sit in on Danny Fingeroth's programming. Zak Sally! A bunch of people have written about tension between Wizard and the regional convention that happens near the same calendar date. As is nearly always the case, I thought Kevin Melrose's write-up was strongest. There's a show in Naples, which is good to know in case I ever get my life together to the point I can start traveling to cons overseas.

* most of art comics and alt comics and the small press and minis and a significant chunk of other schools of comics publishing are looking ahead to next week's TCAF.

* it'd be fun to see this show opening up in San Francisco, too. Justin Hall seems to be settling into a big, ongoing role for the entire Bay Area comics community, and I'm all for that. Sharp guy.

* Robyn Chapman wrote up her experiences at the Brooklyn Zine Fest here. Having a two-day show with a completely different set of exhibitors each day is an interesting approach, that's for sure.

* finally, C2E2 has announced for 2015. They seem very happy where they are on the calendar.
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