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May 8, 2014

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Shows And Events


By Tom Spurgeon

* it's all TCAF all the time right now. People will be hitting Porter Air and the Buffalo airport megabus all day today and tomorrow. There are satellite events tonight, and of course the real con activity: people sitting in a bar lying about how much money they're making. Tomorrow is the first time they're offering a full day of programming on behalf of industry developoment, so it should be interesting to see how that goes. If things have gone according to plan, I'm en route as you read this.

image* so yeah, a lot of this on Saturday and Sunday. I'll be doing some of that from the other side of the table, taking photos and moderating a few panels (Darwyn Cooke, Renauld Dillies and a sweet group panel of Cooke, Ed Piskor, Mimi Pond and Katie Skelly). Hope to see you up there.

* hey, here's a TCAF travel tip. If you're flying Porter Air from Jersey, Porter flies out of a terminal where any flight might suffer flight delays depending on construction. I believe they'll put you on an "earlier" flight if one is available, which by the time of the day you're there may not be early. My point is you might want to build in some time or even jump in earlier if you need to be there at a specific time. It's an EWR thing, not an airline thing, and I'm sure they'll take care of you the best they can.

* Mark Brown writes on the British Library exhibit.

* here's one that only got on my radar a few weeks back: a four-day show in Sao Paulo. That's a rare December show, too, although because of the hemisphere it doesn't seem as aggressively unnecessary as some of the North American shows that kind of slip themselves into an open period on the calendar.

* I totally forgot to post as a distinct entry this post from The Beat catching that C2E2 claimed over 60,000 attendees. We live in a conventions world where that could be seen as either discouraging or encouraging, depending on your orientation.

* Bob Corby has a bunch of SPACE photos up now.

* Torsten Adair talks convention center square footage. One thing I think that's interesting is that a lot of these shows doing comics and tv and movie and anime and everything under one big tent are actually -- or at least logically -- suited to multiple sites. It's probably tougher for a convention with a single focus to move into a second building, at least not without some difficulties along the way, like one to one comparison between exhibitor in terms of traffic flow.

* Johanna Draper Carlson wrote an interesting C2E2 report in that the things for which she as a longtime con viewer has attended such shows were not there to the same extent they might have been in the past. The experience was slightly different, anyway. I think this makes a lot of sense, actually, as those events change to engage with a wider audience in a lot of circumstances, just as it makes sense that shows like SPX and TCAF are even more what some comics readers reading this site go to such shows to experience.

* finally, Fumetto in Luzern has announced early March dates for 2015, about a month earlier than this year's show.
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