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June 19, 2014

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Shows And Events


By Tom Spurgeon

* it's HeroesCon weekend; that is an extremely popular slightly offbeat show. I'll be there, hopefully here at the times required.

image* what a nice bookplate Eleanor Davis made for SPX. I am 100 percent certain this particular scan is not doing it justice, but that is on me and I am counting on you not to process it in the spirit offered.

* RIP Expo -- that's the one in Rhode Island, I may not have the capitalization right -- has an exhibitor list up. That sounds like a con for dead people the way I have it.

* I totally missed this Hannah Means-Shannon tribute to Brooklyn's Grand Comics Fest.

* the Toucan blog has started their SDCC cycle.

* here's the Indie Island t-shirt designs for this year's Heroes.

* CBR did some systematic coverage of last weekend's NYC Special Edition show put on by Reed, as hearty an edorsement as any journalistic enterprise can provide.

* I nearly missed RC Harvey's nice write-up on this year's NCS weekend and Reuben Awards.

* finally, if you're not going to Charlotte from New York like a few cartoonists of which I'm aware, you might go to Brooklyn and see Dean Haspiel present a cast of less than a dozen in a public reading of their work, including hijacked poster-model Meghan Turbitt.

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