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July 10, 2014

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Shows And Events


By Tom Spurgeon

* Mimi Pond and Vanessa Davis are the emcees at IC*N8; that show is currently taking place in Portland.

* I'm not sure I remembered to link to this or not, so apologies if it's a repeat: this Mark Evanier post from several days ago introduces this year's Comic-Con International into the direct consciousness of his readers, but also notes that we're about due to go through another round of working out where that show will be over the next several years after the current arrangement ends. This is an interesting story -- and it's an idea I'm going to bring up a few times in my own coverage -- because clearly CCI is leaving a massive number of attendees "on the table" as it were, purposefully limiting the number of people that can go to the show at a time I don't think it's ridiculous they could maybe sell 50K, 75K more tickets with a magic convention center in which to fit everyone and still keep the same show.

* so yeah, it's all CCI all the time now. Has been for a while now. I'm sure there are other shows out there in July, but very few of them breaking into the wider consciousness of comics for very long.

* that said, you should really go to the Portland 'Zine Symposium if you're anywhere near Portland.

* finally, I love that a site took a moment to separate the Comics Arts Conference programming schedule at CCI from everything else going on. That's become a very important academic conference, particularly for those scholars located on, or with access to, the West Coast.
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