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July 17, 2014

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Shows And Events


By Tom Spurgeon

image* CCI, CCI, CCI. You should check your favorite publishers' sites for what they'll have available at the show. Here's the Fantagraphics list. Here's an announcement of advance copies of the next John P. book from D+Q: The Hospital Suite. And so on. It's a really good comics show. It's a strange one, if you're full on comics because certain elements of the industry and art form can't work in the context of the show the way it's being used by other media now, but there's still plenty to see and buy and enjoy.

* a crowd-funding effort to send someone to Comic-Con drew a lot of e-mail attention from folks that feel comfortable e-mailing me. These sort of efforts were reasonably common for a period about 10 years ago, particularly in gaming circles, as I recall. There was eventually a significant backlash. I don't begrudge anyone spending money on anything they want -- and spending money purposefully frivolously on crowd-funding sites is a mini-thing right now -- but it's a bit dismaying in terms of this being a comics-culture thing how easily the money came for this person and this purpose and how tough it's been for, say, Dan Vado to raise money for the purpose of re-establishing his publishing company after multiple decades of running that company. I don't want to take money away from anyone; I just wish there were money for everyone, particularly those in actual need or those with a significant purpose.

* in case you missed it, Fantagraphics and Koyama Press did a joint video announcement for a Fall Tour featuring the cartoonists Simon Hanselmann, Michael DeForge and Patrick Kyle. Details to come.

* here's a cool and slightly dire thing you can do at your next SPX when you need an hour away from the show.

* here's a reminder that Eleanor Davis is out in support of her How To Be Happy hardcover.

* this stand-alone article on the Snyder/Miller/Morrison Batman SDCC panel seems well-selected: that should be a big, popular panel.

* finally, I think I would freak out a little bit if I ever saw a Comic-Con International programming day without a Mark Evanier moderated panel on it. Luckily, this year's Friday slate is low man on the totem at one.
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