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July 27, 2017

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Shows And Events


By Tom Spurgeon

* there is a massive Osamu Tezuka retrospective planned for next year's Angouleme Festival.

* Comic-Con has made official its 2018 dates: July 19-22 with a July 18 preview night. I hope to be there early July 19 through late July 21 in my standard operating mode: exhaustion, sweat and confusion.

* between now and then it is likely we will see movement if not a conclusion in the Comic-Con case against other shows using "comic con" as a descriptive. As I've stated before, I'm of two minds: I feel like Comic-Con International really does have and has had shows draft behind it with similar models and building on the good word that Comic-Con International surged out of the '90s with even as just about every other show fell to shit. At the same time, the legal remedy of seizing "comic con" really does seem like they're laying claim to a generic word. That's late-nigh dormitory hallway analysis, though; I have no idea the strength of that argument legally and I guess we'll find out at some point.

* with Autoptic suspending things for 2017 I'm not sure most of my comics acquaintances have a significant show to do until September and SPX. That's one of the finest shows going, and the build-up will be beneficial for it, I think. I know there are others between now and then, and I hope to cover them all.

* not comics: I don't pay much attention to the movies and toys parts of Comic-Con as neither I nor anyone I bring in to work on the show (an elite crew... well, small) has much interest in that kind of hype or specialized shopping. Still, I was sad to hear about people counterfeiting Hall H wristbands to access that special part of the movie hype portion of the show. Genre media fans have a really ugly entitled, hustling mentality upon which we should shit at every single opportunity. I know that people think this kind of thing is no big deal because seeing celebrities at panel is a minor life event, but there's a sustained malice in this kind of screwing that strikes me as worse than crimes of incompetence or sudden mistake. I feel badly for the folks that played by the rules that didn't get in, and a four-day pass offer with a promise for better communication at the show, while also tightening things up security-wise, that seems a proper response.

* time is running out for applying to the CAKE Cupcake Award, which is their mentoring and support prize.

* finally, this was the other weird cultural reaction to CCI story from last weekend. That seems extra dumb, although I have to say I flew United and I didn't hear about this from anyone. I carried my bags, though.
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