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August 21, 2014

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Shows And Events


By Tom Spurgeon

image* Autoptic roars to life.

* the blog Chicagoist reminds us that Chicago's Wizard World show is this weekend. That was once the #2 show and for one year they had everyone thinking they were closing fast on San Diego and that Wizard could use the momentum to enter the Chicago market. That didn't happen, although Wizard is putting out PR that their convention slate is profitable now. At any rate, that's a great region of the country for comics, and I still feel its nostalgic pull.

* speaking of Chicago, CAKE is looking for two core members of their administration team. That's a great chance to be involved with a growing show, and to be involved with comics more generally if that's a goal of yours.

* not sure I knew about this New Orleans show that runs in mid-November; at least I don't remember hearing about it until a couple of days ago.

* here's a report on the recent Bryan Lee O'Malley signing at the FPI in Edinburgh.

* the second iteration of Paper Jam Small Press Festival -- to be held in early September -- has its own tumblr.

* this article from an exhibitor about what they most want out of a show is a must-read for those fascinated by conventions and convention culture.

* in early October, the Times and The Sunday Times Cheltenham Literature Festival will celebrate 75 years of Marvel Comics with special programming.

* not comics: the writer Brian Doherty got the rights back to his Burning Man book from 10 years ago and has released a self-published Kindle edition. There's a lot there that might inform your view of the comics community and the role of festivals, particularly those shows that are huge, fundamental shows like CCI and SPX.

* finally, I mentioned this the other day, but I've talked to a handful of people unable to get rooms at the Marriott because of a sell-out: they've all ended up here, at the Hilton up the road. The price is comfortable, it's walkable if you have to, and it's one transit stop away so the walking isn't likely.
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