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September 4, 2014

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Shows And Events


By Tom Spurgeon

* Baltimore this weekend. That's a well-liked show that, like Heroes in Charlotte, offers up a cool setting and a comics-only focus. It may be the biggest North American hole in my comics-show attending resume, although there are a lot of holes in that thing.

* every alt-comics artist under 40 is focused on SPX nine days from now, either going or not going. A lot of folks going to the print shop or the equivalent this weekend. I do get to that one, and I'm excited to attend this year. If nothing else, I look forward to seeing my old pal and the show's initial driving and organizing force Chris Oarr.

* this question asked and answered via the SPX tumblr brings up a good point: immersing yourself in a convention or small press festival can be an overwhelming experience. I'm trying to imagine if there were a similar opportunity for some of the other art forms I enjoy that an SPX provides, and anything like that would likely freak me out.

* if you are the kind of person that exhibits at or attends cons, you might check out this list at CR as the skeleton for 2015 starts to take shape. Several conventions are already starting to do business with their 2015 show in mind, like Emerald City (who started selling tickets Monday) and STAPLE! (who are taking exhibitor applications now). If you know of a show that is scheduled and that I missed,

* here's a cute, very short story about the train ride between Los Angeles and San Diego before Comic-Con International, specifically when it's opening day at the racetrack.

* look at this nice Michael Cho bookplate for SPX.

* here's a lengthy report on Dragon Con (as I understand it, there's no star in the middle of the name now) from Kelly Sue DeConnick, including a duckface selfie with Representative John Lewis. Joe Gordon has a lengthy write-up on comics goings-on at the Edinburgh Book Festival.

* finally, now that's a convention.
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