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December 7, 2017

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Shows And Events


By Tom Spurgeon

* I missed telling you about the opening, but who wouldn't want to go to a new Seth exhibit during this holiday month.

* barring fire, a fire-sympathetic change in their schedule or, well, fire, Comic Arts LA will take place this weekend and I'll be there. That's a really interesting room so while I probably won't do the whole weekend I will do one of the days and work the exhibitors. Great stuff on that floor.

* there's a pop culture-driven show in New York this weekend as well, the kind where I bet reading this blog might be the first several New York cartoonists hear about said show.

* The Beat always finds crazy-ass stories from the periphery of festival-dom. Those stories taken together indicate a limit to the market, for sure; that always seems an element.

* finally: because I haven't done a stand-alone post on it, here's a reminder of this year's official selection at Angouleme. My first glance indicated a lot of English-language cartoonists but maybe no female English-language cartoonists, which is weird given that most of the good books over the last decade in English have been by women. As weird as FIBD can get, though, about some things, maybe it's not such an odd outcome. I'd love to see a chart of who is getting translated by French publishers from the English-language markets for the French-language markets.
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