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August 17, 2017

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Shows And Events


By Tom Spurgeon

* while I noted the opening back in June, someone from the Society Of Illustrators wrote in to remind me that the show is up for a few more weeks. Some of that art is very attractive, of course. One of the key things about Marvel success was how cannily Stan Lee locked down a group of artists that could extend their creative success, and the later Spider-Man crew of Romita Sr., Kane and even Ross Andru were evidence of that. Seeing the evidence of Romita re-staging some of Kane's dynamic pages is collective creativity at its best.

* if any of you are out in Carbondale this weekend say hi to my professional peer Melody Reed.

* I'm hoping to make CALA this year -- at least the Sunday -- and am fascinated by how it will work in its new location. Looks like it might be easier to drive over to that neighborhood, but who knows? I'm grateful for every important scene to have an arts-focused show.

* I'm not sure how many of the Wizard shows Stan Lee does on his endless tour of comics conventions, but I'm sure fans of the Wizard show in Madison will be thrilled by the opportunity to meet the legendary writer/editor.

* 196 days until Emerald City. That sent a shiver up someone's spine out there.

* you know, I like the basic shape of the festival year: March 1 to November 15, a few shows like Angouleme running in the "offseason," intense periods in April and September, less intense periods in June and August making room for tours and signings. There's a lot of tumult yet to come, though. A lot.

* Juggalos and Trump supporters join SPXers in the Washington, DC area on the same day.

* finally, I was talking to someone the other day about the notion that cosplay serves a function at some smaller shows to modernize the show -- give it an appeal to a certain young fanbase -- without pushing the show into the celebrity game. I'm not sure if this show qualifies, but it kind of engages some of that rhetoric.
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