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April 10, 2014

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Shows And Events


By Tom Spurgeon

* attention is split between a newcomer alt-/indy show, a local show whose proximity to New York brings in a variety of quality guests and a veteran show focused on the small press and through that focus bringing in a lot of indy/alt interest: Linework NW in Portland, Asbury Park over in Jersey and SPACE in Columbus. I wish I could be at either; I wish I could be at both.

* I hadn't noticed this benefit with music that will also launch Paul Pope's Escapo; I'm all for comics events with a cause. That's not this weekend but next.

* haven't seen a whole lot about the Comic-Con International hotel lottery, which I suppose means it went as well as possible although I'm sure some people were disappointed while others were delighted. That can be a tough day. Heidi MacDonald noted mid-lottery that downtown hotels went super-quickly.

* speaking of San Diego, the Eisner judges met last weekend so we should be getting those nominations soon.

* I can't link directly to the news item, but it looks like the Long Beach con people have done some general straightening up: new logos, firm dates, what they're calling each show.

* finally, here's a nice report about Gene Yang speaking recently at Pasadena City College. I've never Yang up on his fee in front of a crowd like that, I don't think, but I have to imagine he's really good at it.
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