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March 1, 2018

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Shows And Events


By Tom Spurgeon

* today is the last day to apply to exhibit at Ann Arbor Comic Arts Festival.

* what a fantastic get by TCAF.

* today is the first day of ECCC, the well-loved mainstream-focused show with heavy individual-creator involvement run by Reed. I don't know if Randy's Readers still exhibits at the show because I couldn't work the web site, but if they are, they have all the cheap awesome old mainstream comics your body requires.

* if I would advise one thing that I thought was lacking when I visited previous ECCC's is that I hope you make use of Seattle's awesome downtown. It's a weird city to ignore solely in favor of the host hotel's bar con. You can nighttime network and see something of the city you're in, I promise! Even on a 20-years-gone memory Andaluca and Wild Ginger are classic downtown Seattle dinner locations (albeit downtown-expensive), Vito's Restaurant and Lounge seems like it was built for hungry comics people, and if nothing else get a coffee at the Victrola up the hill from the convention center. The 5-Point is a sturdy sort-of near hearty breakfast and 24/7 spot and a little further beyond that is the deliciously miserable Mecca Cafe and Bar, where I sat for three hours and read the newspaper Short Run weekend. There are many more great places. I love bar cons, too, but I have as many great memories striking out to do a couple hours with a group of friends or soon-to-be-friends as I do spending the next six surrounded by the industry entire. Invite someone to get to know!

* then again, if it's as cold in Seattle as rumored, maybe just order room service.

* you can apply to CXC 2018 as an exhibitor here.

* finally: DINK Denver adds to its impressive special guest list.
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