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November 1, 2018

The Never-Ending, Four-Color Festival: Shows And Events


By Tom Spurgeon

* exhibitor applications are open for VanCAF 2019 through December 15. That's a growing-in-popularity show, a very visitable city, and a region with a rich reservoir of comics talent. I've always wanted to go but the cost of the show so soon after Toronto kills me. The difficulty of getting to certain parts of North America from secondary-hub airports is a fact of life now. I'm jealous of those who get to, though.

* missed this profile of a vendor couple at NYCC that uses some real numbers and paints what I'd say is a realistic picture of the margins involved. The secondary headline in the search is a little weird as they both seem like fully participating vendors to me.

* there was a blackface incident at Alamo City Comic Con when a prominent participant used black make-up to approximate the appearance of a dog character from a specific Disney effort. That seems deeply unfortunate no matter the intention going in, which I personally imagine -- though I could be wrong -- was wholly benign. A contest organizer and the con more generally have apologized.

* if I'm reading this correctly, it looks like Comic-Con International is going to establish firm limits on guest badges linked to professional registrations, part of their ongoing transformation of that process. I have a lot of sympathy for CCI making such changes as they've long been very generous in keeping as many old methods as possible, even as the show has continued to surge in popularity. I also know if/when they do something similar in my category, press, that I have years of being indulged under my belt and can't really object at all to most imagined outcomes of a more stringent policy.

* finally: Charles Vess is doing a mini-tour in support of his wonderful-sounding Complete Earthsea illustration project.
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