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October 26, 2017

There Is No Bigger Comics Story Year-To-Date Than Changes To Folks' Health Care Plans

Comics families may be starting to see the effects of the current administration's assault on previous guarantees and final outcomes, even if the skeleton of the program -- never fully healthy at any point -- has thus far survived more direct and comprehensive attack. The ability for families and/or individuals to carve out enough space in their lives that someone has the possibility of pursuing comics as a vocation has been a tremendous boon to comics-making overall, and the combination of people stepping away from their comics or not trying a sustained period of making them at a young age will ultimately keep a lot of work out of folks' hands.

I see this as an outcome-in-place argument more than an ideal-outcome argument, although we may by virtue of the inexorable march of politics have the latter argument in a period made fraught by current circumstance.
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