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September 13, 2017

This Isn't A Library: New, Notable Releases Into The Direct Market



Here are the books that make an impression on me staring at this week's no-doubt largely accurate list of books shipping from Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc. to comic book and hobby shops across North America.

I might not buy all of the works listed here. I might not buy any. You never know. I'd sure look at the following, though.


My father was enamored of four things in his long life: horses, fire engines, train travel and community theater. Comics came in at about #7-8, but he appreciated good drawing. I'm not sure if he ever read David Collier -- hard to believe I'd press a copy of Humphry Osmond into his hands -- but I think he would have enjoyed this book, and I"m sure I will, too.

MAY170012 HARD BOILED HC 2ND EDITION (C: 0-1-2) $19.99
This is one of those books where I have no idea which editions are current or special or superfluous or laden with bad design choices or whatever. I do suspect that a lot of comics fans want this one in the same building they sleep, so this is another entry point.

imageJUL170846 MAGE HERO DENIED #2 (OF 15) $3.99
JUL170172 GROO PLAY OF GODS #3 $3.99
JUL178215 MISTER MIRACLE #1 (OF 12) 2ND PTG (MR) $3.99
JUL170429 MISTER MIRACLE #2 (OF 12) (MR) $3.99
JUL170841 KILL OR BE KILLED #12 (MR) $3.99
JUL170910 SPY SEAL #2 $3.99
JUL172032 KAIJUMAX SEASON 3 #3 (MR) $3.99
I enjoy looking at Matt Wagner's action scenes, so I will check in on this series to see how well draws the ones he presents here. They have the physicality of art from an artist who has pushed weight around a room. I'm always interested in the Mignola-verse stuff and I will always buy comics made by then national treasure that is Sergio Aragones. Having a second printing come up with the first printing of your second issue is always a positive sign in mainstream comics. I have yet to catch up with Howard Chaykin's latest; the back-matter should be interesting, at any rate. Kill Or Be Killed is the best-looking series in the Brubaker/Phillips oeuvre, which is saying something. Spy Seal may be Rich Tommaso's best-looking comic: also saying something. Zander Cannon continues to move forward with his wonderfully idiosyncratic giant monsters in prison saga. I promise to catch up.

I assume this is a collection of Trina Robbins' crack at the novel, one of those volumes that established new territory for what real-world things could be discussed in fiction. I don't know for sure, but I imagine this is the most accessible work of Robbins' career in terms of a point-and-buy for a lot of fans of her work finding female cartoonists.

JUN172014 BEST OF HAGAR HC $29.99
I love that work like this gets collected, although much of the 1960s through 1970s material in comics that's not Peanuts or Doonesbury has such a commercial sameness I totally lack the refined palate to decide what might be gathered into one volume.

JUN171845 MERMIN GN VOL 03 $12.99
I'm behind on this Joey Weiser series, and today might be a good day for me to take a look at it on the comic book store shelf.

Also behind here. I'm happy for a reprint series that encourages being able to hold it in your hands and read it, although I'm the kind of guy that drops large volumes on his face by falling sleep.

JUL172087 NICK CAVE MERCY ON ME GN (C: 1-1-0) $22.99
This is Reinhard Kleist, best known to North American audiences for a stand-alone Johnny Cash bio. I'm a rare bird for my generation in not knowing a lot about Cave past enjoying the music, so I'd take a long look.

JUL171996 TAPROOT GN $10.99
This Lions Forge book distinguishes itself with a break in style from most of the comics that I think of being published there. Worth a look, anyway,

JUL171416 SAIGON CALLING LONDON 1963 -75 GN (C: 1-1-0) $26.95
This is sequel to the artist's memoir of war coming to his home country of Vietnam in the very early '60s -- I think -- and so this is is the slightly more expansive story about time spent abroad in avoidance of that war and all that comes with that kind of displacement. Sure looks handsome, although all the cover scans were tiny.


The full list of this week's releases, including some titles with multiple cover variations and a long, impressive list of toys and other stuff that isn't comics, can be found here. Despite this official list there's no guarantee a comic will show up in the stores as promised, or in all of the stores as opposed to just a few. Also, stores choose what they carry and don't carry so your shop may not carry a specific publication. There are a lot of comics out there.

To find your local comic book store, check this list; and for one I can personally recommend because I've shopped there, albeit a while back, try this.

The above titles are listed with their Diamond order code in the first field, which may assist you in finding comics at your shop or having them order something for you they don't have in-stock. Ordering through a direct market shop can be a frustrating experience, so if you have a direct line to something -- you know another shop has it, you know a bookstore has it -- I'd urge you to consider all of your options.

If I failed to list your comic, that's because I hate you.



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