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December 11, 2013

This Isn't A Library: Notable Releases To The Comics Direct Market


Here are the books that make an impression on me staring at this week's no-doubt largely accurate list of books shipping from Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc. to comic book and hobby shops across North America.

I might not buy all of the works listed here. I might not buy any. You never know. I'd sure look at the following, though.


I quite enjoy these Darwyn Cooke adaptations, and find them an intriguing vehicle for what Cooke likes to do on the page with staging, figure drawing and design in much the same way that a couple of the many Parker movies allow for aesthetic interest you might no expect to work. It's great to have a book like this out right before the holiday, as it give me something to pick up when I'm in a Barnes & Noble somewhere. Starting today, though, you can buy it in a comics shop.

imageOCT130321 STAR TREK ANNUAL 2013 [DIG] $7.99
I was going to add a few more books but I don't have access to the Diamond text with the order lines, so instead of hearing about the Oni Press book Buzz as the book with a featured covered in the midst of this text please consider John Byrne doing a photo novel featuring the classic Star Trek cast. I love the idea of this book so much I don't even care about its execution, and I've come to greatly enjoy the books IDW has done in partnership with the cartoonist.

OCT130062 ABE SAPIEN #8 $3.50
These are your Mignola-verse books of the week, which means they always get a look from me. I decided a while ago that if I was ever going to collect these it would be in comic-book form, but I suspect one of the reasons the series has been successful despite only every selling in modest fashion is how strongly they hit multiple formats.

AUG130697 INVINCIBLE #107 [DIG] $2.99
SEP130635 SATELLITE SAM #5 (MR) [DIG] $3.50
OCT130633 WALKING DEAD #118 (MR) [DIG] $2.99
Three random comics from Image, all in the heavier weight-classes of the books that publisher puts out on the market. That's a double dose of writer Robert Kirkman, including the accelerated Walking Dead serial featuring a way amongst the zombies.

Marvel's book publishing program doesn't make a whole lot of sense in a big picture way or a fine details way -- there's little in the way of discrnible, overriding strategy; things frequently go out of a print in a way that not only represents a lost opportunity but frustrates the sale of other books -- but you can find several books to buy in there if you like just about any significant aspect of their post-1960 output. This is one of those books I don't want in another form but that people might want to have this way.

This looks to be one of those little art books that the publisher occasionally publishes, although I should probably make that "publishes with significant regularity" because there are a bunch of them. This is as the title suggests drawn from the artist's memories of movie-going.

Congratulations to Joe Casey and Thomas Scioli on finishing up their extended riff on 1970s cosmic comics, sung almost entirely in the key of Kirby. I own them all.


The full list of this week's releases, including some titles with multiple cover variations and a long, impressive list of toys and other stuff that isn't comics, can be found here. Despite this official list there's no guarantee a comic will show up in the stores as promised, or in all of the stores as opposed to just a few. Also, stores choose what they carry and don't carry so your shop may not carry a specific publication. There are a lot of comics out there.

To find your local comic book store, check this list; and for one I can personally recommend because I've shopped there, albeit a while back, try this.

The above titles are listed with their Diamond order code in the first field, which may assist you in finding comics at your shop or having them order something for you they don't have in-stock. Ordering through a direct market shop can be a frustrating experience, so if you have a direct line to something -- you know another shop has it, you know a bookstore has it -- I'd urge you to consider all of your options.

If I failed to list your comic, that's because I hate you.



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