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October 8, 2012

This Site Is A Sucking Black Hole Of Need

There are a pair of things in a site maintenance way with which I'd love to have some help.

* I could use an appropriate name for a column devoted to digital comics publishing, everything from downloadable comics to webcomics. I think I need to better focus on that aspect of comics, and having to fill something once a week will help me get there. If someone sends me a title I can use, I'll send them a check.

* this site recently switched to being updated on a Mac, and I'm experiencing my first flurry of fatal shutdowns -- the gray/black screen that goes from top to bottom and requires the site being turned off and back on. Is there any Mac user that would be willing to take my e-mails on how to basically deal with that? I find the on-line advice kind of confusing.
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