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April 27, 2012

Thomas Nast Award Goes To Swiss Cartoonist Patrick Chappatte

The Overseas Press Club gave its Thomas Nast Award Wednesday to Swiss cartoonist Patrick Chappatte of the International Herald-Tribune for work of his that appears on the New York Times site. This continues a recent spate of major awards going to cartoonists widely recognized as accomplished practitioners of the form (as opposed to well-liked veterans or inexplicably chosen representatives of the field -- no one admits this out loud when it happens, but it does). I believe Chappatte is the first non-US cartoonist to win the award, focused on work about stories of international import -- so the fact that he's done so by virtue of the Times showcase is a basic times-changed-by-the-Internet story, too. Chappatte has a significant web presence of his own at a devoted site, one well worth an extended visit.

The award has been given out since 1968, making it among the first ten areas honored by the organization; that awards program has been one of the more comprehensively evolving one over the years, adding program after program.
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