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February 22, 2017

Today Is The Day We're To Celebrate 40 Years Of 2000 AD


That's what the press releases tell me. There's been stuff on-line and a bit of material in the real world. It's a good anniversary to celebrate. That publication and its spawn has been foundational for key readers and influential creators for most if not all of its existence. Within the UK market and in terms of creative opportunities, it kind of encompasses the indie part of the states' indie/alt comics but also the prestige mainstream lines that developed along the way, frequently employing many of the same people that put their time in on the weeklies. It is a cultural positive.

The thing I think of first when I think of 2000 AD is what a goddamn splendid comics writing career John Wagner's had, including loads of material for the publication in question and work in the general school of comics to which it gave birth. It's hard to think of someone else in comics that has worked in a similar milieu that well for that many years. While I'm sure there are several if you include all of the world traditions of comics-making, I'm certain they could fit into a coat room. But why compare? Wagner's achievements have been all his own and lag far behind the respect he deserves for their making. And past Wagner there's a line of many, many, many more. Thanks for the comics.
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