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November 30, 2012

Today's Mood-Lifter: We're Probably Right At Or Really Near 50 Years Of Sergio Aragones In MAD


The great Sergio Aragones made his debut in the January 1963 issue of MAD with a bunch of work including the cover concept. Unless I'm completely wrong about this -- and unless CR reader Des Devlin was completely wrong in pointing it out to me -- MAD was probably publishing 6-8 weeks ahead of its cover dates at the time. This means that we're likely smack at or really close to the 50-year mark for our collective relationship with the cartoonist.

Aragones' marginal cartoons are one of the unique achievements in all of comics history; his more traditional comics are of a high quality, too. He's also super-popular and charismatic and a terrific ambassador for the medium. Comics is better for having him in its midst. So in a week of not-exactly sterling and sometimes outright tragic comics news, maybe we can all take a few seconds to appreciate this great cartoonist, still with us and still working, still making us laugh. Thank you, Mr. Aragones.
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