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February 27, 2013

Tom Tomorrow Wins The 2013 Herblock Prize


A bunch of the political sites and the cartooning-related news entities picked up on a release yesterday that Dan Perkins, the longtime creator of This Modern World as Tom Tomorrow, won the 2013 Herblock Prize.

That press release says the feature still appears in 80 papers, which to my mind makes it something of a giant in that vastly reduced landscape. Perkins is also the editor of the comics section at the Daily Kos site.

As this site is very much pro all the comics awards that come with cash prizes in the hopes of encouraging more of them, it's worth noting that the Herblock Prize comes with a $15K after-taxes gift from the massive Herb Block Foundation, created with the massive, I believe media-stock related holdings of the late cartoonist.

The ceremony will be held on April 25 at the Library of Congress. Previous winners include Matt Bors, Tom Toles and Jim Morin.
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