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February 5, 2014

A Lot More Cartoonists Sign That SodaStream Protest Letter

Here. This is an effort by several cartoonists and other interested persons to have the Festival in Angouleme sever its sponsorship relationship with the Israel soft drink manufacturer SodaStream. At the heart of the controversy is a primary facility the company owns on the West Bank. Adding their names were:

* Derrouazin Alla Eddine
* Hilary Allison (USA)
* Rosalba Ambrico (Italy)
* Enzo Apicella (UK/Italia)
* Dan Archer (USA)
* Redouane Assari (Algérie)
* Serge Baeken (Belgium)
* Baru (France)
* Sofiane Belaskri (Algérie)
* Faiza Benaouda
* Carlo Benini (Italy)
* Peter Blegvad (USA/UK)
* Naim Boukir (Algérie)
* Shane Patrick Boyle (USA)
* Nicole Burton (Canada)
* Dan Carino (USA)
* Pino Creanza (Italy)
* Adjim Dannger (Chad)
* Marcel de la Gare (France)
* Benali Mohammed El Amine (Algérie)
* Faujour (France)
* Luigi Filippelli (Italy)
* Sean Ford (USA)
* Sarah Glidden (USA)
* Dominique Grange (France)
* Igort (Italy)
* Jeroen Janssen (Belgium)
* Sarah Khoury (Italy)
* Maximilien Le Roy (France)
* Benameur Mahmoud (Algérie)
* Eric Maltaite (Belgium)
* Seoud Messadi
* Matt Miner (USA)
* Katie Miranda (USA)
* Rym Mokhtari (Algérie)
* José Munoz (Argentina)
* Jeanne Puchol (France)
* Marty Qatani (USA)
* Mael Rannou (France)
* Fran├žois Schuiten (Belgium)
* Jean Solé (France)
* Philippe Squarzoni (France)
* Jacques Tardi (France)
* Pasquale "Squaz" Todisco (Italia)
* David "Diavu" Vecchiato (Italia)
* Daniel Werneck (Brasil)

By my count that makes four former Grand Prix winners: Baru, Tardi, Schuiten, Munoz. Tardi made a strong statement to Le Monde here, going so far as to say that had he known that company was a sponsor he would have restricted use of his material for this year's show, just past.

It should be interesting to see if this reaches a point where sponsorship of next year's show might come into question; I can never read these things, but I think continued pressure would have that as its goal.
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