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September 24, 2013

Totally Missed It: Infamous Conventions Figure Ed Kramer To Stay In Jail Until Early-December Trial

A bunch of you e-mailed me this link over the last few days, indicating I'd missed a short story from last week about Ed Kramer, affiliated with Atlanta's Dragon*Con until other partners arranged buyout -- and slight name change -- earlier this year. My apologies to whatever prominent site or sites has run it since, the appearance of such posts being what tends to foster multiple e-mails in my inbox.

Kramer has been charged with counts of child molestation going back more than a decade. He has been able to use the money he made through his participation in the convention to fund a series of what I think can be called delaying tactics on those charges, some related to claims of poor health. This had in turn led to a move by several creators to boycott the show and has driven an avalanche of discussion about things like the culpability for organization in terms of what is done with their money, the nature of fandom, and what a group can and can't do when they no longer which to be affiliated with a specific person or persons.

This latest is another recent sign that the charges facing Kramer are having a more difficult time in being delayed and/or allowing the possibility for the accused to spend time out of jail while things are sorted out. It looks like a trial remains scheduled for early December.
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