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August 22, 2014

Town Of 4500 Welcomes Comic Book Shop

Baldwin City, Kansas has a new comic book shop: Bulldog Games And Comics, opened by proprietor Gabriel Dorsey. It's been open about three weeks. A couple of things interest me here. The fact that it's a small town is mitigated in part by a business plan that hopes to hook in a regional customer bases that's traveling further away to a bigger city in order to buy their comics and related genre material. The other is that this is going to be a kind of geek-interest store. This of course is a classic store strategy to the extent that we hardly think about it anymore but I always thought it was a pretty good one for a small town. There are overlapping customers, of course, but more to the point these other hobbies also encourage destination-shopping customers. I wish them luck. Their ribbon cutting is August 28.
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