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March 3, 2014

Two Big Names Find New Roles With Established Comics Companies

I guess it's okay to put these two stories together; they struck me that way, and I don't have a lot of substance to say about either. They also came out on kind of weirdly unfriendly-for-PR time periods, Friday and Sunday, for good reason: one was tied into the ComicsPRO meeting; the other was I'm taking a guess tied into when the New York Times could (or preferred to) run the announcement as a story. I say all that because they are certainly each worth a separate post in terms of the people and companies involved.

* Ross Richie of BOOM! on Friday announced that Paul Levitz would become part of that company's board of directors. That strikes me a super-positive choice: Levitz is well-connected, well-respected by some foundational aspects of the comics industry in a way that could benefit BOOM!, and as a member of the 'Zine Generation of comics-industry professional is only 57 years old. In addition, Levtiz's writing schedule since the administrative shake-up at DC Comics and his work with the CBLDF has show him to be industrious and wanting to be put to work. It's hard to disagree with Levitz's assessment that BOOM! is in an interesting place right now just shy of a decade in publishing. I guess this is also the kind of story where we reflect on the break between Levtiz and DC the way that we tend to mark break-ups between couples when both parties finally start dating elsewhere.

* the Grey Lady tells us that the writer and playright Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa will take on COO duties with Archie, and that also seems like a solid choice, one with more obvious potential implications for the core of that company's direction. Aguirre-Sacasa has done a bunch of work for a variety of media including comics -- he has worked with successful companies and efforts that lend some drive to his resume -- and is in the prime of his career in terms of how most such careers are measured. He could be immensely helpful for any ambitions that company has in a variety of directions. He's also right at an age and in a position having worked a variety of places on both coasts where he should be personally acquainted with a huge talent base of people that might want to do Archie-related projects. Archie has formally announced a Lena Dunham-written project that I think may fit that description. That seems to be a fruitful direction for them. Here's an Archie-meets-Girls image that should be seen in a lot of place today.

I know that our media is very promotionally-driven, and likes to deal in potentialities and projects more than track records and performance, but I do think that both deals make for more interesting stories 12 months from now given how much or how little each has changed. They are certainly both a potential big deal, though.
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