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April 18, 2014

Two Comics Proximate Figures Accused Of Sexual Misconduct

I wanted to draw quick attention to the fact that the movie director Bryan Singer and the cartoonist/artist/Facebook multi-millionaire David Choe both popped in my news feed yesterday. Bryan Singer is being sued by a man named Michael Egan for various instances of sex abuse that the accuser says happened when he was 17. That David Choe's name popped up in a commentary article about the description of a sexual encounter he apparently shared with a podcast audience.

The Singer one is a potential big deal in terms of entertainment industry stories go as the director's new X-Men movie is set to open in theaters worldwide next month. I would imagine this will also lead to accusations of opportunism from Singer's defense team. Interest should also be fueled by the idea that Singer's preference for younger men was facilitated by his position in the filmmaking world, something that's been long-rumored specifically about Singer and more generally as a thing that happens. The controversy over allegations about misconduct by writer/director Woody Allen should also provide context in terms of news producers seeing this as a potential story of interest and paying close attention to it; how it rolls out is also likely to be closely compared in terms of the difference between those two stories.

The David Choe story is a much smaller story and lacks the actual news hook of a legal filing; for all I know it's a prank. But I wanted to put that on people's radars in case it does becomes a thing. Choe has a long history of provocative behavior that would seem to indicate the possibility of this being real and this being a prank and either option amounting to something or not. There's really no way to tell. Choe doesn't do comics work like he once did, but there elements of his creative world that overlap.

Both stories are terribly disturbing.

Update: Singer canceled this weekend's appearance at WonderCon due to the controversy.
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