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October 5, 2012

Two Quick Links For Those Of You Following That Dave Sim/Cerebus Publishing Hash-Out Semi-Fiasco


There's a summary of things to date over at Heidi MacDonald's The Beat concerning Dave Sim's higher public profiles of late, particularly vis-a-vis an odd public hashing out of a potential relationship with Fantagraphics. MacDonald has been following Sim and his work for years and years and years; she's likely to have a generous point of view regarding some of the extreme personalities involved.

Sim's most on-the-point response to elements of the Fantagraphics offer -- or the general idea of such an offer -- can be found here.

I had what was probably my last word here. As I said there, I'd be surprised if we didn't at least see a couple of publishing projects eventually announced out of this latest round of activity from the cartoonist.

I actually have no idea if that's Sim or a fan drawing
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