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July 18, 2014

Two San Diego Con Related Stories That Jumped Out At Me Today: CCI's New App; Image Ticketing

imageThere's a bunch of Comic-Con related news stories out there right new -- at least using the broadest definition of that term -- and we'll spend next week covering all the comics-related ones. Two jumped out at me this morning as worthy of a special note.

* Comic-Con International Teams With NBC For New App -- I like apps; I even like saying the word "apps". I look forward to using what NBC and CCI have come up with here. More importantly, though, this is the first time I can remember CCI doing a corporate partnership on something like this. Comic-Con has huge growth potential in terms of cultural reach and influence, and one way to get there is by being smart and mustering up the considerable self-respect they've earned and enter into first-class partnerships on certain things they might not do as well on their own.

* Image Comics Announces Signing Schedule -- What interests me here is that they're doing ticketing for certain comics-makers. I think this is something they've done here and there but not to this extent. With their Image Expo on Wednesday, Image is being very pro-active in trying to figure out how to use this modern iteration of Comic-Con. I hope every publisher will be as aggressive in figuring out these kinds of things, and generally treating things like shows and business developments as opportunities rather than bemoaning how they might break with the past.
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