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May 1, 2012

Two To Watch: Digital Efforts By Mark Waid, Brian Hibbs

image* as seen in various press-driven news stories marking the event, writer Mark Waid's digital comics site goes live today. We wish the newly-minted pride of Yorktown luck. Here's his site largely about that site. As has been mentioned in a number of places, this could be important a) for the site itself, if it hits; b) for the fact that Mark Waid, a known quantity within the mainstream comics world, is the one doing it. The latter factor could spur other writers to seek self-directed digital comics opportunities.

* Johanna Draper Carlson notes the launch of a Savage Critics digital on-line selling place. That works slightly along the same lines of Hibbs being a figure well-known within his corner of the comics field so that the success or failure of this initiative has an instructive potential. Digital efforts from established comics retailers is an interesting thing generally, because of the notion that these are the people that know how to sell comics.

Shanna and Eric, patron saints of computer-related comics efforts
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