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August 10, 2006 Offers Issues of 52 On-Line


Free issues of 52, uploaded one at a time, says Newsarama's blog. I have a hard time imagining that as a superhero story 52 could become more than the kind of middle of the road, bland, soap opera that DC's specialized in for years now. Beyond the level of interest in the fictional universe this series presumes, I find DC's removed but passionate attention to the heroic qualities of its characters bizarre, I have about as much interest in seeing a morose Elongated Man as I have in seeing a final Thin Man movie where William Powell lies in bed crying and wetting his pants, and the each issue = one week conceit seems doomed for failure, particularly with multiple plotlines that should flow and resolve at different speeds. As a pop culture experiment and a snapshot of comics today, it might be worth digging into if you can do it for free, so I plan on reading the five issues as they're provided.

If you're reading and didn't know about it yet, Douglas Wolk continues his 52 blog
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