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September 15, 2013

Uncivilized Books Formally Announces Fall 2013 Schedule, Rolls Out Various Details


Calling it more of an "open secret" than a formal publishing announcement, the up-and-coming alternative and arts comics publisher Uncivilized Books has now formally announced its Fall 2013 offerings. This includes works in comics form as well as long-form works of criticism. The latter will be published in a devoted series.

That link is here.

The comics works are:

* Pascin by Joann Sfar, Translated by Edward Gauvin, 200 pages at $24.95.
* War of Streets & Houses by Sophie Yanow, 64 pages at $10.95.
* That Night, a Monster... by Marzena Sowa & Berenika Kolomycka, 50 full-color pages at $14.95.

The books in the "Critical Cartoons" series are:

* Ed vs. Yummy Fur by Brian Evenson, 100 pages at $12.95.
* Carl Barks' Duck: Your Average American by Peter Schilling Jr., 100 pages at $12.95.

You can get full details and see cover imagery in the linked portion of this post, above. That looks like an exciting line, and just about anything Uncivilized is doing right now bears watching.
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