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June 13, 2014

Use Of Jack T. Chick Anti-Muslim Tract Unforgiven Leads To Complain By Man Against Local Church

imageA Roanoke, Virginia television station had this report on Tuesday about a local man named Hussain Al-Shiblawi, who took offense at a Jack T. Chick publication called Unforgiven distributed to him by Bible Baptist Church. In making his objection known, he asked the church to stop distributing the material near the school attended by his younger relatives.

Al-Shiblawi told the station he had been in the habit of reading the tracts when they were left with him, and found some of them to have inspirational message. Not so much this one. Unforgiven tells the story of a man who has a forced conversion experience to Islam while in prison and then rejects his grandmother's Christian message upon his release, threatening violence upon her. He then dies and is sent to eternal hellfire.

Chick tracts and the ministry in general are frequently criticized for their storylines regarding Catholics and Mormons, in addition to a steady stream of works strongly critical of other aspects of pluralistic society.

The church's pastor claimed to only distribute the pamphlet rather than know what exactly was inside of them, but offered to meet with the man. It is unclear whether Al-Shiblawi took the church up on its offer, or if he will continue receiving the tracts.

I thought the story might gain some traction via conservative, but I've seen very few postings like this one.

You can read all of Unforgiven here.
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