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December 18, 2013

Valuable Denys Cowan Original Art Lost By UPS

Michael Davis writes about the frustrations of trying to find an outcome for a significant instance of lost delivery material here. The primary thing about a story like this is that it's awful for Denys Cowan and to a lesser degree the people that were going to see the work in question in the Milestones show planned. I say that because I don't want to minimize the specific pain here for a more general point. I think the general point here is worth engaging, though, that it's slightly terrifying to ship valuable art for a lot of publishers and artists, and every so often you hear a horror story like this one. For whatever it's worth, when I had to send about $20K in art about three years ago, I asked around with about a dozen people and the general sense was that in order of trustworthiness they favored the USPS sign-at-every-step-and-store-locked option, Fed Ex, and then UPS. The only problem with the USPS option is that at least three years ago it was still so old school that they didn't have the ability to allow you to track the package on-line at every stop.

I hope there's a positive outcome here, and I think a Milestone-related show is a great idea.
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