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October 30, 2013

Walt Handelsman Joining Baton Rouge Newspaper The Advocate


The Baton Rouge-based newspaper The Advocate announced today that the two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Walt Handelsman will be joining their staff. His work will appear in print and on their web site.

Handelsman won his first Pulitzer at the Times-Picayune in Lousiana, where he worked for a dozen years starting in the late 1980s. That win came in 1997. He left New Orleans for New York and Newsday in 2001 and took a second Pulitzer there in 2007. That win may be best remembered in that the work for which he was awarded included animated versions of his cartoons -- his work in that form has garnered a lot of attention in terms of its sizable audience as well, and for the general notoriety of editorial cartoonists doing that kind of animated version of their work.

Handelsman has apparently kept active his ties to Louisiana. He is a Baltimore native.

There's a newspaper story element to this, too, in that the Advocate has hired some Times-Picayune staffers more directly as the New Orleans based paper became a kind of poster child for cutbacks and staff service frequency changes despite a strong newspaper-reading culture in that city. As I recall, the Baton Rouge paper has made some inroads into that city in recent years partly because of those strategies, and partly because of new ownership that has been more aggressive in terms of the paper's hiring practices generally. Handelsman might help them further as he no doubt remains well-known and well-liked in that region; it certainly gives them a solid cartoonist to anchor this part of their paper.

a Times-Picayune era Handelsman cartoon
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